Nicole Demers-Changelo

Registered Architect, LEED AP, Luxury Marketing Specialist, Builder Solution Specialist

Mercer Island

Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island

2737 77TH AVE SE

Mercer Island, WA 98040

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I’m Not Just Your Broker, I’m Your Real Estate Coach

I am your secret weapon. My experience as an architect allows me the ability to help you understand properties unlike any other broker, but it also trained me to design ingenious solutions to complex problems.

I work behind the scenes to make you successful. Buying and selling real estate is a high stakes and high-pressure endeavor, and I work quietly and calmly to alleviate your stress from start to finish.
I’m a listener. When giving you advice, I will think before I speak to get the facts right the first time.

What I Do Best

I thrive in new situations. I am unhindered by traditional ways of working. I can quickly assess circumstances and keep cool in the face of adversity. I communicate without fuss to get to the heart of the matter.

I am independent in my style of thinking. My analytical and creative skills are an asset for you. My real estate and architectural expertise will provide you timely and strategic advice.

What I am Bad At

I am not flashy. I rely on my sharp mind and keen observations to help you focus your attention to what is important. My unassuming and calm demeanor is an asset when negotiating contracts and managing personalities.

I am not pushy. My restrained guidance and patience will allow you the space you need to think. When you commit to working with me, I will commit to accommodating and nurturing your unique needs. I will be the quiet star to lead you in the right direction.

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