Daphne Donovan

Mercer Island

Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island

2737 77TH AVE SE

Mercer Island, WA 98040

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The mix of knowledge and knowing are exceptional real estate tools.......I have them.

Words I'd Claim?

Organized | Creative | Tasteful | Intuitive | Knowledgeable | Trustworthy | Inspiring | Caring

Word's I'd lose?


After 25 years in sales & marketing, I find myself more appreciative of my clients and more demanding of myself. You'll find me dedicated to knowing who you are and to what you want, possibly before you even give it voice.

You won't have to tell me anything twice. I listen, I remember. It's not magic, it's commitment. I think and work differently & creatively...I study every possibility. Challenge me, and I'll find a fresh road to the finish line.

I pay attention to all things that make a transaction flow. The details? They are everything to me. I dislike any number less than 100% and go beyond the beyond to make sure my clients achieve their goal. Service? It's the enjoyable art of surpassing necessity.

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